Cold Lake Air Weapons Range


Your safety is our priority

The Air Force conducts live fire training exercises on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range (CLAWR). Access to and movement within CLAWR is strictly controlled to ensure your safety. The information found on this site must be reviewed prior to entering CLAWR, before planning or conducting work projects, and during daily safety meetings. The Operational Notices are subject to frequent change and all personnel are accountable to have the most up-to-date information.

CLAWR General Access Briefing

Only authorized company personnel and contractors who have completed the CLAWR General Access Briefing and been issued an access card will be permitted entry to CLAWR. The training can be completed online or in person at the CLAWR Orientation Centre where the access cards are issued.

Detailed requirements, regulations and procedures for those personnel authorized access to the CLAWR can be found in the Range Control Policies (see Operational Notices to the right).

Off-Road Training Module

If you intend to travel off any high grade, all season road surface on the CLAWR, as detailed in the CLAWR General Access Briefing, you must also complete the Off-Road Training Module in person at the CLAWR Orientation Centre.